‘Working Beks’ tackles closet gays in showbiz

Edgar Allan Guzman is portraying a gay role in “Working Beks,” the latest movie under Viva Entertainment. We have lost count with the number of times EA has played a gay role on screen, the most recent was in Joven Tan’s “Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako” where he was pining for the love of his bestfriend.

Written and directed by Chris Martinez, “Working Beks” casts Edgar in a role a matinee idol who is a closet gay. In the story, he was finally resurfacing after being incommunicado for two weeks after a sex scandal involving him broke out. Later on, he will admit on national television that he is gay.

For sure, many closet gays in showbiz will be able to relate to the predicament of Champ, the name of EA’s character in the film.

But EA has no qualms in accepting gay roles. “Nasa timing lang siguro na yun ang nao-offer sa akin. Kumbaga, after nila panoorin ang portrayal ko ng gay role, nakikita na effective ako,” said the Cinemalaya and Golden Screen Awards best actor winner for the indie film “Ligo Na You, Lapit Na Me.”

Doesn’t he think that in accepting and playing gay roles, he might miss his chance of getting plum roles as leading man in movies?

“Sometimes that thought crosses my mind but I guess, doing such roles makes me more of a character actor. That is the path I am taking. Of course, I can accept lead roles in teleseryes like the one I am doing in ‘Doble Kara,’ but in movies, our goal is to portray character roles.”

With regards to his role as Champ in “Working Beks,” he admires his character because he had the guts to admit on national TV that he is gay.

“There is so much at stake. He is a matinee idol. He has a top-rating show and a new endorsement but since he cannot bear to hide it anymore that he is gay, he decided to come out and tell the world the truth,” EA said.

“I think after watching the movie, you will love Champ because he is loving and caring. He loves his mother and he loves his career as well. But he has to make that decision that will liberate him.”

After watching the movie, what will the people realize about Champ?

“His strong will, his courage to come out and speak the truth despite the fact that he is on top of his career. That is a very hard thing to do. I mean, you have everything going for you then you have to make that decision to tell something that can make or unbreak you? His career is at stake but he has this firm resolve that he wants to come out. I guess the gay community will love the character of Champ. Even the gays hiding in the closet will admire his courage,” said EA.

Also in the cast of “Working Beks” are John Lapus, Joey Paras,TJ Trinidad and Prince Stefan who recently came out about being gay.


When it comes to doing drama, Christopher de Leon is still top choice among many producers whom they can give a role and be guaranteed an impressive performance. Many young actors look up to the iconic star as their idol. Showbiz newbies dream of working with the Boyet de Leon.

Bro. Bo, as he is fondly called by friends, is one of the featured stars in the upcoming “On The Job” series to be shown on HOOQ, a video-on-demand service flatform, to be directed by Erik Matti. According to Christopher, he plays the role of a publisher who owns a company where the character of Bela Padilla works as a journalist.

Being a veteran in the business, Bro. Bo (who started his career in Lino Brocka’s “Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang”), he has probably done all sorts of roles imagined. But what he is truly thankful now is that he is no longer a matinee idol. He is now a character actor.

He says this gives him the liberty to play any kind of role he wants. It also enables him to experiment with his performance, tweak his role a little bit to give it more meat or substance. Whether a role is big or small, trust Bro. Bo to give it his own mark. As the saying goes, there are no small roles, only small actors.

When Bro. Bo was asked who among our young actresses he would like to work with, he mentioned the name of Angelica Panganiban.

He had worked with Angelica before in a teleserye but they only had three scenes together. He wants to work with her either in a movie or a TV series perhaps where they can have more scenes together. He says Angelica is a very good actress.


After playing his role as Gorgeous in “Working Beks,” John Lapus said he has finally realized how hard it is to do the understated kind of acting that Nora Aunor is known for. No dialogues, just facial expressions and reactions to convey what you feel.

“My role as Gorgeous has very minimal lines. If you consolidate all my lines, you might only fill up a sheet of paper,” Sweet jokingly said during the presscon of “Working Beks” last Sunday.

“Ang hirap pala nung nagre-react ka lang sa eksena pero wala kang linya. Na-challenge talaga ako pero I must admit ibang klaseng John Lapus ang mapapanood nila sa movie,” said the Golden Screen Awards Best Actor in Comedy winner.

Writer-director Chris Martinez said John as Gorgeous is very good in his role as the gay bread winner who takes care of his family, thereby neglecting his well-being in the process.

“Kaya work to death si bakla kasi marami siyang binubuhay to the point na nalimutan na niya ang kanyang sariling kaligayahan, “ said Sweet who is very excited about this role. The actor feels his performance here is award-winning.

Sweet said he found it hard to play a gay role like Gorgeous because he is a gay person in real life. The audience have to see that it is Gorgeous onscreen, not Sweet.

“In fairness naman sa akin, kahit na I portray gay roles, I make sure naman na bawat performance ay kakaiba sa huling gay role na ginampanan ko,” said Sweet, a statement which we agree with.


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